When Connie’s friend, Katrina, sent out the invitation to participate in her Octopus and Mermaids show, what spoke to Connie was her mention of lore and legends and, of course, Fortuna, the Fortune Telling Machine.

This was a kick in the pants and an opportunity to take the thoughts that had been rolling around in Connie’s head and create the works that she had been envisioning for some time. Connie is always searching; searching for answers, truths, information.

This piece is part of the triptych that Connie created and it represents one side of the external search. Notice the antique mirror, spotted and tarnished reflecting outward. The images that she used in this piece were images taken in Greece from the churches in her great grandparents’ villages. She struggled with the message, although ultimately it’s clear: the sense of community that she found as a child in the club she was raised in was reassuring and comforting on many levels.