Hire award-winning artist Connie Chantilis to create a personal treasure for you. Commissioned projects are created to meet everyone’s needs, budgets, and personal desires. From memory pieces to mirrors, decorative fires screens to mosaic tables, fused glass serving pieces to kitchen backsplashes, corporate art to public art, shell picture frames to shell grottos, sculpture to wall art, classic to contemporary—Connie’s creation will exceed your expectations.

Connie works in fused glass, and classic to contemporary mosaics to create works for interior and exterior use, both private and commercial. The sky is the limit!

  • The majority of Connie’s work is made to commission.

  • The inspiration of the work will often come from the colors and textures found in the surrounding area where the work will live.

  • The developing of a design will be a dialogue between the client and the artist.

  • After discussing your individual requirements, Connie will suggest the appropriate medium and materials, along with providing estimates of cost and time.

  • After all decisions are finalized, a written contract will be provided and a deposit is secured to begin the process.

Connie Chantilis Design is happy to incorporate your personal treasures into your exclusive commission. These may include shells from family beach vacations, flint pickup from your ranch or favorite state park, your grandmother’s china, your pet’s name tags, your aunt’s vintage jewelry, and anything else you can imagine.

Connie also sources the finest materials throughout the world: minerals, gemstones, fossils, petrified wood, shells, pre-Columbian pottery, antique transferware china in every color imaginable, silver leafed glass tile, Italian and Mexican smalti, ceramic tile, talavera tile, and much more. Connie is proud to use Bullseye Glass for all fused glass projects.


Points to consider when considering an exclusive commission:

  • Is it for interior or exterior?

  • Is it to fit into a specific area?

  • What size?

  • Do you have any ideas of colors, themes, or style?

  • What type of feeling are you hoping to create in the space?

  • What is your budget?


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