Connie Chantilis



Award-winning artist Connie Chantilis creates individual works for private commissions, exhibition and commercial, both interior and exterior. Combining technical ability, the finest materials sourced locally and from around the world, and a creative spark, Connie produces timeless expressions of art for any home or space.


Connie’s intent is to redefine the purpose of any unique individual object while transforming it with color and texture, imagination, humor and love. With her home collection, she shapes spaces in the home and outdoors.


She is drawn to the unique and colorful, and appreciates the subtle nuances and energy she finds in the simplicity of nature. She enjoys working with shells, stones, recycled glass, found objects, petrified wood and a variety of other treasures to create custom fused glass and mosaic installations, original organic sculpture and one-of-a-kind items for the home.



Find inspiration at the Lucky House, an artist bungalow created by Connie Chantilis. The residence features an eclectic array of antique and boutique furnishings, contrasting patterns and colors, wood finishes, and a backyard patio surrounded by a unique glass fence.