Makarios Horizon

This is one of Chantilis’ favorite works to date. It was commissioned by a favorite client, friend and kindred spirit, Auras All Around. The 7.5' x 8' triptych installation is comprised of hand selected pieces from the Tucson International Gem Show which include: pink and purple amethyst, fluorite, various forms of calcite, crystals, zeolites, cobalto calcite, lepidolite, rose quartz, Herkimer diamonds, azurite, malachite and apophyllite. The Greek title translates to Blessed Horizon. The minerals create an ombré effect, reflecting good energy and balance for the home. The client included personal messages on the substrate before the work began to amplify peaceful intentions.

“Take me to the point
where sky, meets land, meets sea.
A strange alchemy, Change.
The soft water breaks rock, to fine sand.
The rain clouds give birth to every drop
of the ocean wave.
Where do they divide?
Where do they collide?
Indivisible trinity, a gateway, an ending or a beginning.
Take me to where,
The land, meets the sky,
meets the sea.”

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