Evil Eye Gate

Connie created a 17" fused glass disc with vibrant red, shades of green, blue and gold glass on a butterscotch background. The piece is studded with evil eye amulets around the border. Connie has been intrigued with evil eye talismans since she was a child. Connie remember seeing them at her Grandmother’s house and at church in her younger years. When she visited Greece, they were everywhere. Connie loves the idea of warding off evil and thought they would be perfect on the entry piece to her house. Why not ward off evil at the door?

The superstitious belief in the evil eye is ancient and widespread, though certainly not universal. It is thought to have originated in Sumeria. The belief is especially prevalent today in the Mediterranean and Aegean, where apotropaic amulets and talismans are commonly sold as protection against the evil eye. Some folklorists believe that the evil eye belief is rooted in primate biology (dominance and submission are shown by gazing and averting the gaze) and relates to our dislike of staring.

Albert Scherbarth created the metal gate that houses the glass disc. He did an awesome job creating a design that complements the house perfectly. Connie enjoys working with Albert; he makes everything look better. To see more of his work, visit http://albertscherbarth.com/