The mysticism of Cygnus as a bird associated with cosmic life and death goes back 17,000 years to when the constellation occupied pole position in the northern night sky lying on the plane of the Milky Way.

As early as Palaeolithic times, the stars of Cygnus – the ultimate expression of a widespread belief in the bird as a symbol of the soul - were seen as the gateway to heaven. Shamanic journeys, Native American funeral rites, the alignments of prehistoric standing stones, all pointed the way to this sky-world, accessed via the Milky Way or an imagined cosmic axis.

This belief shaped cosmologies around the world; influenced sacred architecture from Avebury in Britain to the temples of Mexico, Peru, and India.

The Swan which is a symbol of love, grace, union, beauty, dreams, elegance, balance, partnership and transformation serves as a guide leading humanity to a more peaceful, harmonious place of love.  

The work was created with: geodes, quartz, elestial quartz, apophyllite, zeolites, calcite, Herkimer diamonds, petrified wood, malachite, azurite and black kyanite. The work was featured in the Layers and Light show at Gallerie Noir in October 2014.