Aqua Mineral Powder Room

Originally, Connie was contacted to create a custom mirror for this powder room. When she asked what type of art would accompany the mirror in the powder room; the answer was, “I don’t know, what would you do?” This is what she did.

The room was very tight and tall with strong vertical lines. She wanted to do something that would soften the lines, thus the circles. The wallpaper in the room is fantastic and resembles tiny pebbles. The ceiling is a beautiful aqua color. Both provided inspiration for the project. The circular mirror is covered with thousands of Moroccan quartz crystal points. The edge is covered with silver-leafed glass tile in a beautiful aqua tone. The same edge was used on all three pieces to create a cohesive feel. The two art pieces are comprised of Moroccan quartz crystal points, unglazed ceramic tile, aquamarine, fuchsite, fluorites, zeolites, amazonite, and selenite desert roses.